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The Halo Score

The accuracy of FICO credit scores today is limited by access to sufficient data points. Halo can rebalance your credit market by statistically separating good borrowers from potential risks.
Halo takes into account your customer's salary, rent or bills, loans, and other risk factors to score the likelihood of the customer defaulting. Supply Halo with the applicants loan amount and we can even suggest larger or smaller amounts they could afford.

Integrate perfectly

Halo sits in your application flow and securely connects to applicant bank accounts.
Customers can transparently access their credit report information and share it securely.
Collecting transactional data yourself? Halos API can also run our transaction analysis to give you insights.

You're Protected

We take your privacy seriously. Connections between Halo and your bank are read-only and are secured using TLS 256-bit encryption.
Our connection provider Plaid is ISO 27001 and SOC II compliant.
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